Our Services is a Knowledge & Support Portal focused on SAP software applications only. Our mission is to help you optimally benefit from your SAP systems and have your SAP support budget go the extra mile.

We believe that high quality SAP expertise should be available on-demand. In other words when you need an hour's worth of help from an SAP specialist then you should not have to commit to a day or more.

The team will increase the span of your internal support team and empower them with SAP expertise on demand.

For this we offer:

Our prime objective is to provide SAP expertise and assistance remotely, but do provide onsite services for projects and on request.

We will be glad to demonstrate our portal and support process to give you a better understanding of who we are and how we can help you. If you wish us to arrange for a web meeting or site visit please click here.

We take pride in our efforts to make our support services and knowledge postings as current and accurate as possible. However we cannot guarantee 100% accuracy, therefore use of our services is at your own risk. We reserve the right to update or remove any of our content without prior notice.

Services from ERPmenu, Inc. or are created by our staff or partners and delivered to our customers. In order to perform and deliver our services, we may need to collect company specific information, contact information from our employees, partners or customers. ERPmenu Inc. will only use this information for the purpose of delivering our services as agreed with our customer. We do not share any of this information for any other purpose than already stated.

Our request system has a comprehensive security concept to allow our employees and partners access to only the requests they have been assigned. Each individual involved in our organization has signed a non-disclosure agreement. A copy of the outline of this agreement can be requested at Customer specific non-disclosure agreements can be used upon request. Any knowledge resulting from customer interaction that is added to our knowledge database has been screened and made generic and anonymous.

Knowledge posting and documents stored in the database of ERPmenu, Inc. and on is the copyrighted work of ERPmenu, Inc. and owned by ERPmenu, Inc.

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